Don’t think I would’ve moved onto something better

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Do we fall in love with people
because of the way they look
and the words they say
and the things they do,
or do we fall in love with people
for the way we think they are?

It’s wild how someone
can give you one flower
and you mistaken it for a bouquet.

Are we in love with them
because we make ourselves
believe that they are the one
we’ve been searching for?
Are we just settling
at the end of the day?


M.D.L // Excerpt from “Someone Like You”

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"Look after your body. You were given this shell to look after. Eat healthily, go on long walks, speak to nature and smile. Do not waste your only opportunity to live life to the fullest by hating yourself."

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"I don’t give a fuck what people think because people don’t think"

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